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WPCGZ 2014

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To Set Up China’s No.1 Wood-Plastic Composites Fair! A thematic show of the 6th China Landscape, Garden, Greening & Better Living Fair 2014 Guangzhou International Wood-Plastic Composites Fair (WPCGZ2

To Set Up China’s No.1 Wood-Plastic Composites Fair!

A thematic show of the 6th China Landscape, Garden, Greening & Better Living Fair

2014 Guangzhou International Wood-Plastic Composites Fair (WPCGZ2014)


Date: May 12-14, 2014

Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou. China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex


Organization Structure

Asian Construction Technology Alliance

Guangdong Association of Landscape Architecture

Hong Kong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

Co-organized by

Guangdong Dealers Chamber of Commerce

Guangdong Enterprises Association for Foreign Economic Cooperation

Beijing Enterprises Association of Garden Engineering

Tianjin Building Decoration Association

Yunnan Gardening Association

Hunan Association of Landscape Architecture

Chongqing Landscape and Architecture Trade Association

Guangxi Decorative Materials Association


Organized by

Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.


International Organizations

International Garden and Wellness Association

Finnish Association of Interior Architects

Danish Designer Association

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Canada Wood

Norwegian Wood Industry Federation


Media Publicity

Guangdong Television, Southern Television Guangdong, Consumption Daily, China Construction News, International Real Estate Journal, Chinese Biz News, Eco-city and Green Building, Urban Space Design, Toobm.com, Chinabmi.com, Yuanlin.com, Ccd.com.cn, Zgstmw.com, Dichan.sina.com.cn, etc.



Show Review

Guangzhou International Wood-Plastic Composites Fair (WPCGZ), a three day event, came to successful end in China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex on May 11, 2013. It was held in parallel with China Landscape, Garden, Greening & Better Living Fair. Occupying an area of 38,000 square meters, it set up about 1,600 booths, gathered 536 exhibitors and attracted 29,633 visitors, including 1,617 coming from 70 countries and regions, such as France,Russia, South Africa, Australia, Canada, India, Switzerland, Israel, and so forth. On May 9, a total number of over 13,000 visitors were received.




1.     WPCGZ 2014 can get access to the buyer resources of its concurrent events, including housing industry expo, wooden house & wooden structure fair, wood & wood products show and other fairs.

2.     WPCGZ 2014 joins hands with many websites at home and abroad to publicize the show.

3.     After five years of development, WPCGZ has developed into a preferred trading and communication platform.

4.     May is the peak season for negotiation and trading. It is the best time for exhibition participation.

5.     Overseas visitors from the following countries and regions are being invited: France, Russia, South Africa,New Guinea, the Philippines, Belarus, Thailand, Switzerland, India, Southeast Asia, etc.


Industry Outlook

Wool-plastic composite (WPC) receives wide application and shows a promising future. WPC can be used in almost all application fields of logs, plastics, ceramics, steel and similar composite materials. Moreover, it can be also found in the realm of building, furniture, transportation, logistics, environmental protection, military and other fields. Its application and influence is gradually expanding. 

Outlook Survey and Development Trends Report on China’s WPC Industry (2012-2016) not only objectively reviews industry history and changes of supply & demand, but also faces up to the present and rationally looks into the future.

However, WPC has not yet gained wide popularity in China. Compared with North American markets, there is still much room to grow in WPC industry. It is expected that domestic producation volume and output value of this line will respectively exceed a million tons and 1 billion RMB in recent years, and a new WPC system will be formed. Since consumers’ environmental awareness is being increasingly enhanced, wood plastic floor is bound to become a mainstream product in the future floor market.

Favorable Location

1.       China Import & Export Fair Complex is Asia’s largest exhibition hall. Located in Pazhou Island, it perfectly combines green ecology, high-tech and intellectualization. It covers 1.16 million square meters of grossbuilding area and indoor exhibition area reaches 338,000 square meters. It stands next to The Hub, suitable for holding various exhibitions and events.

2.       China Import & Export Fair Complex is equipped with perfect road networks and accessible transportation facilities.

3.       Metro, public transit and taxi are available for you to choose.


Visitor Organization

1.       WPCGZ 2014 invites real estate developers, buyers, dealers, agents and those from decoration companies, design institutes, landscape engineering companies, scenic spots and other related organizations.

2.       In order to invite overseas buyers, the Organizing Committee contacts business organizations from the following countries and areas: the Gulf Area, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Spain,Holland, Mexico, Britain, Italy, etc.

3.       The Organizing Committee sends out 150,000 invitations, fair tickets and bulletins, and also contacts industry insiders by individual visit, phone, fax, message, email and other channels.

4.       The Organizing Committee publicizes WPCGZ 2014 via attending exhibitions in related industries and holding promotion & press conferences.

5.       The Organizing Committee cooperates with relevant associations, website and magazines to publicize superior products and huge market of China’s WPC industry, and to attract global buyers.

Why attend?


1. Low cost

Exhibition participation is the most effective way to come into contact with clients. In line with surveys, average cost of attending an exhibition accounts for only 40% of that of other methods.


2. Light workload & fruitful rewards

Surveys show that transaction can be concluded with potential clients met during an exhibition via an average number of 1.8 phone calls. In contrast, typical sales mode requires 7.8 phone calls on average. Meanwhile, 54% orders placed on site do not need follow up visits.


3. To meet potential clients

Studies reveal that 88% exhibition visitors are new potential clients on average. 49% of the interviewees are planning to buy products and services from exhibitors.


4.       To showcase company strength

Company representatives, sales promotion before and during an exhibition, and attractive booth design can increase competitiveness. Exhibition is a perfect chance for companies to showcase their own image and strength.


5. Time saving & great achievement

During an exhibition, exhibitors meet larger number of potential clients than the total number in six months or even the whole year. More importantly, face-to-face communication plays a crucial role in rapid establishment of stable customer relationship.


6. To enhance customer relationships

Exhibition is a perfect channel to enhance customer relationships. Following methods can be employed to express gratitude to clients: warm reception, gifts, dinner and other services.


7. To display products and services

Sales personnel seldom visit clients with their own products. Attending an exhibition is the best channel for product showcase and customer experiences.


8. To study competition situation

Attending an exhibition provides you an opportunity to study the competition situation. Competitors’ products, prices, marketing strategies and other information collected on site can better help you formulate short-term and long-term plan.


9.        To increase corporate influence

You can make fully use of the media attracted by the exhibition.


10.    To initiate a market research

If you are thinking of launching a new product or service, you can carry out a research among exhibition visitors to collect their requirements on price, function, quality and services.


Concurrent Events

The 6th China Landscape, Garden, Greening & Better Living Fair 2014

The 6th Guangzhou International Wooden House & Wooden Structure Fair 2014

The 2nd China Aluminium Building & Decoration Boards Fair 2014

The 3rd Guangzhou International Wood & Wood Products Trade Show 2014

The 2nd National Building Consultation & Exchange Conference 2014





Exhibition Scope

1. WPC decoration materials: wood-plastic composite panel, WPC furniture, WPC ceiling, eco-wood, WPC decorative panel, sound absorption panel, etc;

2. Outdoor WPC: WPC pavilion, WPC flower stand, WPC grape trellis, WPC guardrail, WPC waste bin, WPC handrail, WPC fence, etc;

3. Related equipment: WPC profile extrusion equipment, WPC floor production line, WPC granulator, WPC extrusion mould, plastic pipe production line, WPC twin-screw equipment, plastic extruder, auxiliary equipment, etc;

4. Raw and auxiliary materials: compatilizer, coupling agent, lubricant, antibacterial agent, water absorbing agent, resin, wood flour, etc;

5. Associations, magazines, network media, processing equipment, design and research institutes, etc.